3rd Annual NHSD

A debate in which at every round we were enemies waiting to pounce on the opposition teams necks and caterwaul "Why don't you agree with me???"

A debate with the theme: Mental health, the enigma: A beautiful mind (not much credit given to john nash...)

A debate where with each day of studying for the topics made me convince myself i was mentally ill.

A debate that proved to me I was better at oral-ass whipping than being the docile prime minister

A debate where I think the topics selection was damn unfair,...he peeps in the box!

A debate where the first round was me against a cute guy! ^_^

A debate that happened on the 29th till the 1st but failed to blog about it on time :P

Ooopsie...Drooling Bouncy Smileys


bob said...

So it went really well I assume? : P

april yim said...

we didn't even get pass the prelims to the quarter finals.
But it was all in the nature of enjoying it as a whole.

4th Annual NHSD....HERE I COME!