The nature of a metabolics testing lab, Day 16 and 17

Ahhh yes, thank goodness we have finished crushing all our samples. Over the days, we have been cutting, stripping, dicing, hammering and snipping parts of the oil palm fruit to prepare liquified and hydrated samples of the oil palm.

Just last week, we were super excited over using excessive amounts of liquid nitrogen to powder or samples and listening to the centrifuge machine go round at 13,000 revolutions per minute. until everything got so routine.

Finally we finished with our last set of samples on day 16 :D

Then they tell us to prepare a Gallic acid standard from 0 to 500ppm in concentration. After administering a reagent that kicks of the reaction in the tube, we are to wait for 2 hours before assay.

Already we have prepared and measured the standards then they tell us to change the concentrations. Pulling My Hair Out

Oh yeah, so we prepare a duplicate sample the very next day with an R square value of 0.97 Again...statistically not good enough for a standard curve...Perturbed

What i'll be doing for the rest of my lab days will be incubating and measuring the quantity of phenolics in 24 X 2 X 12 eppendorf tubes.... *pengsan*