2004's Lasties :D

Lets play a little game of striking out resolutions.

- I will not score lower than 75% for all tests & Minimum 3HDs per semester.
Not possible. I realise I had to be incredibly brilliant for such events to take place.

Lab reports and assignments should all total up to 85%
Consider it done for all in total

I will work my way to my Masters in Microbiology
I'm changing my Major to an MBA.

- I will try to be less rough and more lady like; - I will tone down the volume of my voice; I will try very hard not to brag or show off; - I will be less of a procrastinator; - Continue to put my nose away from other people’s business unless they want me to part of it & -I will continue to be patient when explaining things to those who need to get it through their heads a number of times.
COnsider these things accomplished. I'm the newer, more feminine April. Evidence backed up by many many acquaintances too ;)

- I’ll be less vain.
HAH! fat chance. I think I got more vain over the last few months. The diets, the workouts, the hoarding of makeup, the carnitine, the new clothes, did i mention trying to lose weight?

- More Charity!
If only I could find you ppl that need my help!

- Be nicer to my sister, or teach her a few lessons, - Look out for my younger cousins - Do a few things my aunt wants me to do - Spend more time with my four, butt sniffing, four legged, tail wagging brothers and sisters.
It was either that I was too busy to spend time with my family that had free time, or i was too free for my busy family

- Raise bank account by RM1,000 at least;- Stop going to RM20 a plate restaurants fortnightly;- Cut down on phone credit, do not call people back when they miss call; - Do not use ATM until very, very dire needs

- Do not intimidate people by carrying too much.
I stink with the fear of not having any cash when suddenly coming across a good one-day only bargain

- Offer help, only when I can help myself; - Be less hoggy with information; - Keep up protecting secrets when they are meant to be secrets; - Create more opportunities within the mandarin speaking kin
Wah seh...an improvement :D


- I’ll expand my choice of Vegetables.
You know Hann Yong dear, you are the first person that managed to make me eat vegetables; something that my mom couldn't even make me do. Even if it's in a few stems per meal ;)

- I’ll work out at least once a week; - Stand up straight with shoulders tossed back; - Weigh up 52kg by July
Ho-hum. Bad habits never change do they? >_<

- Cut down on junk food; - Cut down soft drinks
I am now an ABC roti tisu addict with a murderous nature if I don't get Strudels and Delicious cafe's carrot cake once in awhile

- Have scented candle burning + dimly lit room + soft/slow music sessions more often to unwind monthly.
I have reached a conclusion that Burning candles = Burning money and that through embarassing commenting, have been told that my favourite candle scents are all aphrodisiacs.

Material Aims:
- I will save enough to buy my own Zildjian drum set Fender Electric Guitar with an amp. Of course ;) ; - A very, very beautiful Prom Dress; - A heart shaped rose quartz crystal as a birthday gift to myself; - A new, slim, ‘woman’ MNG wallet with a Naf Naf handbag by the next sale.
I'm chicken to sacrifice my finger nails for music; I didn't go to this years Prom, I grew out of crystal therapy; And I don't think I want a new, slim, ‘woman’ MNG wallet with a Naf Naf handbag. I've already got my orchid GUESS? bag :D

Overall Assessment.
Not a bad end and a good start to the new year. I guess the next set should have "*Subject to change according to seasonal preference" if I'm not too sure.

See you all in the new year :D


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