Batman or Spiderman

K: I was thinking between who to become. Batman or Spiderman. I think I want to become Batman.

A: Eh, Why lah?

K: Cause Spiderman's web can't pull you up, But Batman's sling, with just a flick of a button, he can reach the top roof.

A: But then...Spiderman can climb walls, why the heck does he need to push a button?

K: Ahh...But that uses energy. Batman has his own light and city distress call, Spiderman has to work through spider senses.

A: Aiseh. Yeah horr? That's really cool to see your own label floating in mid air high above with the clouds :D

K: And he has the batmobile...

A: Not to mention, batbike, batboat, batplane all stored in his batcave. Spiderman still has to repair his own bicycle.

K: And Batman has a psychic.

A: Eh, Spiderman is psychic what...Spider senses.

K: No, no, Batman has a SIDEKICK.

A: Saylah nicely. Yeah horrr...Not to mention a very cun Batgirl. Better than Mary Jane Watson XD


Anonymous said...

N stops them abruptly.

N: but then, u guys forgot one thing. Batman wears a cape as part of his costume. Spidey doesn't.

A & K: SO?

N: aih, never watch 'The Incredibles' ar? watch first then tell me, who will be a better superhero lor :p

Anonymous said...

Spidey's always been a fav on the polls because he's easy to relate to for most comic readers, though - middle-class dude trying to make ends meet. Bruce Wayne's just rich. It's ridiculous.