Back on the usual resolution

"I'd rather be puking my guts out and being admitted into ward rather than being this size. I'd rather come out having lost weight while warded over than to dread all the hard work." That's pretty crap. I'm sure to get a lot of screams from the ppl that care about me just by even having the guts to say such things.

To be or not to be, desirably slim. Obviously the BMI was not designed to support the Asian body. Where I personally feel that "Normal" really means "Overweight"

I want legs slender enough to look good in a pair of Levi's and a Butt that can hold up a miniskirt; not shred it. I want to stick a pack of Equal Pockets in my CK jeans and not make my bottom clothe look like a tight cat suit.

SLIM not T-H-I-N nor S-K-I-N-N-Y.

1cm X 5cm X 7cm slice of carrot cake, 8 pieces of fish paste, 1 roti canai and 1 milo today. No more for tonight :P