*sings*Shopping, shopping, shopping spree!... Chapter 1

Backdated entry

Over the last week at work, me and Aileen went lingerie crazy. We HAD to go to South City Plaza’s Minoshe to grab the ideal, feminine, cute set. It really didn’t help our pockets much when Kenneth offered to sell his Parkson RM10 vouchers to us for RM6 each he won from WAH FM.

Before performing an unconscious state of modern exercise, we had to fill our tankers. Aileen parked her car facing the side entrance of SCP one of the side doors to Parkson, and the bunch of us guzzled on Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Fried Kuey Teow and Chicken- Char Siew rice.

While sipping our drinks in casual manner, I pointed towards the Parkson entrance and claimed as if hit by divine faith, “Behold sisters, it’s a sign! That entrance to Parkson doth hold the lingerie section most sacrosanct!”

Okay, I’ll cut the overly coiffed speech; but indeed, me, Aileen, Winnie and Jean Nie just dashed right picking up pieces of lacey and satin smooth material, flipping the price tags now and then. Which then leaves poor Kenneth to roam round to save him the embarrassment of flushing red. Talk about equal rights when a gentleman has to be a gentleman when women can get away with being themselves. :P

Not satisfied with out definite 40% discounts buys in Parkson, we head on to Minoshe to buy the loveliest, sweetest thing you’d ever lay your eyes on. These lovelies would make a woman want to look at a girls bosoms more than a guy could hanker after. Oh yeah, but the price was something both sexes wouldn’t want to look at. :P

Next stop, Hana! The Lingerie Shop! Giant!?

Giant had some pretty nice ones, some pretty cute ones, and they were all God darn it cheap. Who cares if they get mangled in the washing machine or if the pads get discoloured in the bleach wash otherwise pads disfigured in the storage drawer? Bah!

At the end of the day, the score was
Lingerie boutiques and Hypermarkets = +RM200
April = - RM200
Drawer = +4 sets


Anonymous said...

Dammit. Now I want more lingerie.

marina said...

I'd like to see pictures though. :\