Pride and shame in Petaling Street.

Ms. Soon from China came down to Malaysia… again. So Parents played host… again. And dad picked her… again. And Mom went shopping with her… again. And Mom asked us to follow… again. Mom wants to take her to Petaling Street… aghh EH! Wait! I wanna follow!

Ms. Soon is a nice lady. She never hesitates to show us the Chinese way of being polite through appreciation. So amidst the parking fees, the stop by’s the soy bean refreshment stall and the metal frames where peddlers displayed their wares, she and my mother were always in a constant fisty physical debate to pay the exasperated merchant.

Immune to all the contest, ash and me browsed and purchased boxes and boxes of anime and Jap dramas for our entertainment purpose. With the amount you spend here, you can double the quanta of what you get in shopping malls. Take that animetech faithfuls. When she did it; she got us imitation Gucci Sling bags. Sneaky.

Nevermind, courtesy calls and we have to shift our funds to more than what we came for. To buy her merchandise of her daughter’s favourite bands.

“You ask.”
“No. You ask.”
“I won’t be caught dead asking for it”
“You think I like even glancing at it?”
”You owe me.”
*Does knowing hand gestures*
“Oh Fark…”

“Ummm…can I have the S.H.E. VCD and the very awesomely large poster too?”

“I bought it, now you carry it”
“What the? No that’s worse than buying.”
“Fine. Then you get the Twins Poster so we can cover up the S.H.E. one”

“Errr… that Twins poster?”

“Okay now you carry it.”
“Oh gosh I’m never going to hear the end of this if I get seen now”

So the next time she comes, I hope she brings Tan-Tan to get and CARRY her own stuff while we do a little more fist jousting with her.