Condom suggestions turned for the worst?

For sometime before this, Hsu Pheen told me she was mainly in charge of the upcoming IMU ball clockworks. She asked both me and Lydia for suggestions, where to have it; what food to have; sponsors etc. etc.

Where to have it, ..she's got that covered.
What food,....comes with the place.
The sponsors, I suggested stuff like Durex condoms, free SIM packs, beverage companies coupons from styling companies, nail bars...bla bla bla.

She took my suggestions seriously and I tried to help her get contacts; which now lead to the a few minutes ago of present moment... where I have no clue what was going on because really, it's not my Uni's ball and it clashes with my special day :P.

Jeng's post however became the article that caught my attention.

Whoopsee...Looks like I just encouraged a lot of University students to get frisky.


Jason said...

Wat special date?1 year anniversary ah?if its really 6 weeks from now,aldy past ur birthday also.

april yim said...

my birthday IS six weeks from now

Anonymous said...

You got a condom company to be your sponsor. Dude, that rocks. I always end up buying Durex, but my boyfriend always buys Trojans, and I've heard more complaints about Trojans than Durex. It's annoying.

I don't see why we shouldn't be putting contraceptive methods out in the open these days.

bayibhyap said...

Durex? 001, 002 or 003? There is a story that Chinese girls in Guangzhou get their guys to use 001. You should ask about the story and laugh yourself to death. :)

april yim said...

Safe sex is better out known in the open rather than keeping it all taboo.

They don't call it 'protection' for nothing.

Do tell me about it bayibhyap :D

bayi said...

it's a hilarious story told by those guys who visited Guangzhou to have a fun time with ladies of the night. i heard it from a friend of mine years go. the story is really funny, with a moral (for the guys) to boot. ask your boyfriend. if he doesn't know, then i'll tell you.

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