Liking the new grading system

Although I've not done extremely well in the last introductory unit to microbiology I've taken up two units of it this year although the requirement states to only select one as a core.

Dr. Omar is incharge of these two units and he's not really the most exciting thing in the world, but if you need him to find the best buys in IT or to help you solve your tech problems, he's reachable enough for the Biotech/Biomed students of Monash.

For these two units he's decided to grade us 105% over a 100% so even if in the process, we lose 5% somewhere, we still get full marks for the unit.

Since tutorials lack the participation of students, he's come up with the idea of using a chat room and discussion forum to gauge how many marks he should administer each of the students from that extra 5%.

Me and Eileen have planned to just enter the chat room and send each other lines of
"Wahaha's" and smiley faces or maybe posting some really tough questions on the discussion board AFTER coming up with it :P

A chat room...this is the very first time I've heard such an easy way to great grades for a subject.


Anonymous said...

I'd understand the whole chatroom/forum thing if it was a IT thing, but a biotech thing?

Fuck, you Science students are strange.

- Jha


Jason said...

No need to put fcuk gua~

We,science students are strange,that is why we came out with all sorts of ideas and ways to improve your lifes. ;)

The stranger the better,the more advance our technology be.