The exaggerated tertiary education survival kit

I'm not really mentioning the dog eat dog world of how to obtain great marks and send students flying with First class Honours and such.

What I'm about to show and note down...
i) may shock you
ii) may leave many of you shaking heads

With more than 2 years of living it out in tertiary education; I've picked up a few tips on how to survive with comfort and cut back a few costs too ^-^ So...I present the following necessities.

1. Conditioning kit.
With the ferocious Malaysian weather and the roaring airconditioners in private properties, one should carry at least a chap stick to prevent those ulcers and peeling skin. Hand/body lotion...is quite essential for me since I play tennis after uni and expose myself to using volumes and volumes of alcohol in the lab. The leave in hair conditioner...was a result of hearing my friend say..."April, your hair is as dry as tumble weed."

Leave-in conditioner, lip balm and body lotion Posted by Hello

2. Packets and packets of tissue paper.
People don't seem to have the decency to clean up after themselves nowadays. They leave after drink stains on the study tables and spray their bodily fluids over the toilet seats. I don't feel hygenically safe without one.

3. Beverage kit.
The canteen just raised the price of my morning teh tarik by RM0.30. To a student, RM0.30 x 5 = a lot of money over the semester. And plain water can be boring. A good thermos to keep the drinks snug and hot. Refill sachets for the long and tiring days. Equal drops if the drink's not sweet enough for my liking :P

Ahh...caffiene :) Posted by Hello

4. Handphone.
My alarm, phone numbers and mp3 player are all in there. A temporary source of entertainment if I've been pushing myself too hard. Some people's camera too.

5. Digicam
I don't bring it down with me too often but I keep it in my car since now I can photograph traffic offenders! Okay...so maybe I won't cause I believe in karma, and there will definitely come a time where I may need to bend the rules. Just in case the next time Dr. Quah shows us the a mutated fly with eyes over all the body, or to seize that Kodak moment, I'd be ready for it.

6. USB thumbdrive.
Laptops aren't really the necessity, plus their a burden on the back. What students really need nowdays is a thumbdrive. Forget throwing tantrums at reformatting your diskette when it gets damaged :) Mine is equipped with an SD-drive for transferring info to my phone.

Not really small but it works for me :) Posted by Hello

7. Cup noodles.
Keeping an extra pack of cup noodles in the car is great especially when i don't have much left on me to get something to eat or if the canteen closes. If I plan ahead for the 8am to 6pm days, I toss in a few cocktail sausages, some stir fry vegetables and sliced fried egg in a separate container so I can dunk them in my soup too :)

8. Sweets.
Lecturers are only human beings...and so are the students. Things can get boring... so why not have a kit kat, kinder, or juicefuls? I usually have Vita-C grapefruit flavour and Cadbury Marble, but for now these mentos minis and Tim Tam will have to do.

Sweet tooth anyone? Posted by Hello

I''m so ready for the new academic year on Monday :D


Jason said...

Selamat buka sekolah!Guess we won't be chatting as often as we do now heh.:) *hugs*

april yim said...

i think i forgot to mention...
9. Cardigan/ Jacket/ Windbreaker.

For cold cold days :)

earl-ku said...

hmm u left out the music companion ... no music no college life

i listen to house? u?

earl-ku said...

err sorry, left out one more ....digi cam ...

april yim said...

Earl-ku: my mp3 playa is in my phone lorrr...No need to carry so many things :D Listen to mostly everything cept techno.

I din forget to mention my digicam either :P