Dad's asked me what do I want for a birthday present.

We'll I've always wanted a Tiffany's to signify that I've become a woman at 21, but telling him i wanted the USD$1,349 min diamond key necklace sent my Daddy is a shocking fit that his game of Bejewelled crashed along with him. Mom then grips Daddy's shoulders to calm him down and tells me there wouldn't be much of a point since there will definitely be relatives sending in other wearable trinkets on the day itself.

He offers to put the new car in my name but I don't want other people to choke and point in disbelief to hear that I got a new car for a birthday. It's already 'mahfan' enough I have to go collect stuff from the bank and redo my insurance everytime for my current Kelisa. (Might as well get me the the necklace then).

I could use an X-box but I don't get any 'gaming funds' and I've lost my responsibily good game dealer to the growing mobile phone market.

Neither do I mind a new laptop but this one is perfectly fine except for the broken screen hinge.

An mp3 player is out of the pratical side cause I've already got a phone with that function.

A new digicam? If only dad hadn't purchase a new Lithium Ion battery for the old one just about 5 days ago...

There can never be enough clothes but my closet is almost choked...

....nor makeup, yet they have expiry dates

maybe a slimming course...but they always have yo-yo effects and I'm too lazy to drive all the way just to get a treatment.

Pocket money??? What if I lose out a few dollars to a hundred to daddy getting me something nicer?

Aigh,....its driving me nuts.

Someone help me think about it.


Anonymous said...

Diamonds are forever. Even if they're not from Tiffy's ;p

Anonymous said...

yeah is it That necessary that the diamondcome from tiffany? better design or something is it? but then will you wear it once you have got it?


april yim said...

It would be great to have a 'SPECIAL' kind of diamond won't it? how often are you offered the chance to chose what you'd like?

but yes, I adore the tifanny cut
view here...

Tiffany cut I must be sounding spoilt

Anonymous said...

Eh. I have a zirconian ring which is kinda like that ;p

Remember, it's not just the stone, but how it's set!


D said...

Just dont tell anyone that the car was for your birthday. Problem solved.