Its so hard to surprise someone 2.

So Valentines Day was on the way and I ask him to make it a memorable one for me although we planned to avert from celebrating it on the Working-Day-Manic-Monday itself. He had the whole of the Chinese New Year week to plan it so I thought...

Well, it's enough time for him to figure out how to surprise me without giving him hypertension...

And on the 3 days of CNY itself he did alot of thinking and went restaurant researching on my laptop while I was playing with the kids and entertaining guests. Nasty of me to leave him alone like that, but he had the company of chatting with Lindsay on my MSN messenger while surfing for fine dining.

Once or twice he would call me to view the screen.

Him: Have you tried this place before dear?

Me: Hmm...no. But the food looks good!

From the looks of the snapshots of the restaurants and the garnishing; I kind of figured out what he wanted to do ;P

After the walking him out the door and the kiss goodnights I stretch my legs in front of my laptop and lo behold, not only did he not erase the chat log, he left the chat window open and maximised. Being the busy body female, I scanned through the chat and stumbled upon this section.

Him: we're heading to hartamas to catch up with a few friends, and,. to,.

(f)feMm3 f@: ah...which part of hartamas?souled out?

Him: tell my other guy friends about triple date for vday.

BINGO! Hahahaha!

On the day of the celebrations, He asked me to chose between a Japanese Buffet, Steak or International Buffet for dinner with the usual gang. After making my choice he tells me..

"Bring something nice to wear."

Upon hearing then I heard a booming voice in my head...

YEAH of course I'll bring something nice to wear. HAHAHA took me the whole night after I saw the chat window to mix and match my wardrobe. :P

At dinner, the Irene and Siew Li were a little baffled over the fuss and asked the gentlemen sitting across our lengthy table what was the occassion. They replied that it was for Valentines Day in advance.

Both of them then turned to ask me "Did you know about this April?"

And me says "I just found out while we were relaxing today" (Yeah right)

Nevertheless it was a great dinner, and it was all the thought that counts. Ignore the fact that that it was a flower-less, dance-less, and chocolate-less date; I was deep down delighted and my flames of happiness were stoked to an inferno.

I'll just let him accept that he had all the glory of arranging a great day...until he reads this post. Hehhehee

I had and am having a fantastic time ^-^Y