Why blog traffic?

I have something to say and it's about bloggers who are usually nothing but concerned over their blog traffic.

No, I'm no sour grapes to see that my own blog traffic is nothing fantastic, neither am I going to rain on peoples parade; and I'm definitely do not mean any hard feelings either.

It has become some sort of skin deep Attention Deficit Disorder. Bloggers look at their hit counters and number of comments a few times a day. That's all the comments today? *Hit refresh*. Only one more? *Hit refresh*

With the number of increasing blogs and rapid pings, some of us do start to worry..."Oh no..I haven't anything to blog about....think dammit, Think!"

Sometimes and now I wonder, if that some of us are letting our blogs get away with the very best of us and leaving us to sit by the monitor hitting our own refresh buttons.

I know I'm going to get swatted by some people for sure.


eyeris said...

Oh dear.

You just described me. Caught myself clicking refresh on my own blog a few times already. :(

But then, I'm online almost constantly without stop, so I have nothign better to do than click refresh mar.... :(

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

I take it as a personal challenge. Crack the brains, squeeze the juices and see if the traffic increases. It makes blogging fun that way.

LcF said...

Increasing website traffic is a challenging job. :)

bayibhyap said...

I'll join your traffic when I can. :)

Anonymous said...

Because most of all bloggers are secretly attention whores. Nyahar!

- Jha

meiteoh said...

Sometimes having too much traffic is also a pain - especially when you're trying to keep your blog away from prying eyes.

But on good way to increase traffic from my own experience is to surf other people's blogs and leave comments on a regular basis.


Alternatively, short cut? Write about something sensational and ping it. ;)

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