Friends forever?

Reading over an aquaintance's blog, it was a greeting and the thoughts from another about meeting up with the usual gang. Everyone was there but I was cancelled out of the picture. Things happened, I tried to cover up and avoid them for reasons I thought would be best for all. I did get called for three or four outings but I couldn't muster enough sincerity to enjoy myself. I suppose another thing happened and there goes me. Erased like that.

I used to make up excuses so that I would be able to stay longer. Then not long ago, I just kept wanted out of the night. Looking upon this, I thought we'd all be great friends, till the end of our lives, working together becoming godfathers and mothers to each other's kids. I thought, with these bunch of great people I know who needs to know more people?

So then, I grew older. I don't know if I'm any wiser but I don't feel so wanting to be with some of the people I know anymore. It becomes harder to strike a conversation cause I don't feel like making the effort. My ideas of life have seemed to differ drastically.

By some odd twist of fate, I get along well with older people now. Maybe I'm getting bitchy old and nothing excites me more than to nag of work, calculate my spenditures and shake my head at the wills and ways of the young individuals my age.

Not to say I've become the Bilbo Baggins of my kin. I have made some friendships more concrete and established many good relations in the past months which I feel that could compensate in those that I've lost. Better ones in fact. Especially amongst those in my current alma mater. Neither will I possibly forget those who have seem to forgotten me. Or at least I hope they become decreasingly insignificant.

How do you actually measure the value of a friendship?


Anonymous said...

You measure a friendship by how long it lasts, how much trust is invested in it... and by how much your friend knows about you, of course. Friendship is a commitment thing. You've gotta want to grow up together, and that means spending a lot of time communicating with one another.

It's a lot like a relationship, just without the sex.

As we grow older and apart, we will find more people that we may relate to more - but then, I could never call these people friends until they have withstood the test of time.

Jason said...

I have the same feeling as you right now,I prefer to stay home alone most of the time instead of going out with anyone.:) not even my elders or relatives.I was even wondering whether I am normal or what?Its just feel too odd and weird and I get depressed over it,seeing all my friends hanging out,yamcha-ing,clubbing or anything but I am at home doing channel surfing.Kind of pathetic actually.

Hmm..how do we measure a friendship?It cant be measured...but it is how much it touches or how deep it stayed inside your heart. :)

Take care,ap!Really miss ya lot lot lot!