Its so hard to surprise someone.

One of the earlier coversations.

Me: So how does it feel to be a year older?

Him: *Speaks in a don't remind me tone.*

Me: Oh yeah, when you come pick me up this Saturday, we have to go to town between 11 to 1 to go pick up something.

And a Friday night phone conversation...

Him: How bout we bake banana cake this tomorrow? (On a sidenote, he likes to bake cakes)

Me: Umm..Can we not bake a cake on Saturday?

Him: Why not?

Me: Ermm...Just listen to me dear, we can bake a cake anyday except for tomorrow ok?

Him: Hah?

Me: Please just don't bake a cake on tomorrow; we can bake one on Sunday.

Him: Ok. Alright.

Me: By the way, please remember to come on time, I've got to pick up something in town.

Him: Yeap I'll come on time so you can pick up the cake.

Me: *Pretends* What cake?

Him: My Birthday cake?

Me: How did you know it's a cake?

Him: Cause you told me not to bake tomorrow?

Me: *Realizes mistake* I'm not saying anything.

Him: Ok Ok. I'll come so you can pick up whatever it is *grinning noises*

On a VERY groggy Saturday Morning.

Me: Morning dear, you didn't get enough sleep?

Him: I didn't get a wink of sleep for the whole night.

Me: So are you picking me or am I driving down?

Him: Can you drive down?

Me: Ok. But you have to wait for a while I'll only be there past 12 cause I have to pick up the cake.

Him: Ok you go pick up the cake first

Me: How did you know it's a cake? *Surprised*

Him: Cause you just said so.

Me: *Pauses* Oh well I still need you to know to make room in your fridge :P

Damn.... so much for keeping my mouth shut :P