Jonker Walk

Mommy called me around noon yesterday and said she and dad wanted to go down to Malacca to get the opinion of Uncle Soon, the local medium there. She asked me if I wanted to go.

I didn't really feel like travelling all the way down just to eat nyonya food and after that wait for my parents So I called up Jason if he'd like to go hang for awhile take me go some places...Even a hobbit biotech student would like a little adventure once in a while.

All my life, my parents were never adventurous people. My dad is more the only shops in metropolis areas and my mom doesn't really like the idea of sweat.

Jason being the nice guy that he is brought me to Jonker street to have some cendol. The place was still clad in New Year decorations with many really interesting buldings inbetween here and there. Something that you'd see on a travel guide or travel program. It was a little quiet though

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Jonker Street at 8PM

It was this little shop amongst the old colonial/Baba Nyonya houses which looked like your typical KL shop/hawker stall called Sin Sing.

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Sin Sing cendol store front. Jason's the guy in black on the far right

Anyone who stops by Malacca should visit this place! The interior is some sight to see, it spills of of old world charm with spiral staircases, bronze chandeliers, old recorders, rosewood furniture, wells, lanterns, marble tables, chinese paintings, buddhist statues and porcelain.

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Wow... (btw,thats Jasonin the white circle ^-^)

After the feast for your eyes, comes the main course; Their cendols are like the largest peak of ice admist a valley coated with gula melaka and santan (coconut milk) with a colourful ocean of red beans and swimming cendol. In short...it's FRIGGIN' HUGE! I ordered a durian cendol, so i had durian cream streaked over my dessert as well :D
Jason laughed when I told him that I was struggling to finish my cendol :P

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Durian cendol...yum yum!

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That's me! Very hyper after getting a hefty dose of cendol!

Okay so after the large sugar intake I got lured into shopping at Jonker street. I thought that the stuff there would be sold at cut throat prices but they are relatively cheap :D The same price that you'd pay for Pasar Malam goods in KL but of a higher grade.

We walked into aromatherphy stores, woodcraft, fabric stores and all the trinket stores a girl would simply adore! We walked pass the famous bar where Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng filmed their 'Summer Vacation' movie to the end of the road where we met this friendly "uncle" who makes his living out of shaping alloy into identifiable shapes and figures. With a short chit chat and within 15 minutes, he gladly made me a personalised bracelet for only RM6.

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The very talented uncle! You can find him at Jonker Walk most of the time :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My bracelet that says my name. Uncle told us the combination was a hard one :P

Walking back down the street again I purchase 3 pairs of earrings and a butterfly necklace for a total of rm22. Which would prolly cost RM50++ over here.

Walking back the other way, My flare jeans caught up with my stilettos and I did a fantastic free fall to the ground. Passer bys hissed a painful noise but crazy me..I just got up smiling and laughing. Maybe I kinda frightened Jason abit then. But ah well it's typical of fumble duddy me :p

Another thing caught my eye then...personalised seals. I've always wanted to get one eversince Dr. Omar showed the biotech batch his seal and whenever Shing Ying takes out her own plastic seal stamper to make her mark on lecture notes. Give these lads your simplified Chinese name, they'll look it up on a log for the traditional script and within 10 minutes,carve out a your name on granite like stone. This was a bit pricey with RM10 per chinese character and the seal bases ranging from RM15-RM180.

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My seal being carved into stone.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The finished product...Yes I'm a sucker for personalised stuff.

Too bad at that time Dad called for the third time and told me... "April I'll see you in KL." so we had to give Jonker Walk a quick dash to the car :P Before heading back Jason suprised me with a slim fit tee from Giordano in pink (my favourite!) and a yummy piece of chocolate cake :D.

All this wouldn't have been if it weren't for Jason's extremely good company :D Next time, I'll bring more funds to Jonker walk :P


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