The wit of some

Molecular genetics and genomics.

Sounds complicated and highly specific doesn't it?

The syllabus is actually quite simple provided that you have the aid of an RM300 gorilla sized text book but when you're left with the lecture notes and especially the lecturer...you can't help but fall into an argument with your emotional state.

To laugh

... cause the lecturer himself is an absent minded person. Out of 3 tutorial classes a week he attends the first and forgets about the remaining two...even if the 2nd class follows the 1st class back to back in the SAME tutorial classroom.

...He's a genius who updates lecture notes a few hours befor so that he can get hold of the lastest findings in journals and publish a few excerpts in his lectures.

...he's quite eccentric in a manner of speaking and has enacted a self-conflict of conscience in front of the class over a test paper format. He talked to himself as if he had a split personality in front of the class *sweat drop*

To cry

...cause 98% of the time the things he says he's the only person who understands what he's him. It's English...but in another language. Ask me if you'd like to see our class when he lectures, i'd be more than happy to have another person joining us so we won't feel so lost, at least we'll have each other.

...he takes a whole hour to take every available highway, crossroad, one way road, flyover, junction and roundabout of explanations and then only comes to the summary of one page of information. by then, you wouldn't even know where you started.

..he sets questions which are like aliens who just made contact with earth. Connected, but very distant. He extracts them out from the latest journals for goodness sakes and he doesn't tell us about it much. Last semester, only one passed his mid term test. The previous year, no one passed it.

As of current, I'm again set on one of those mentioned emotional rollercoasters cause he's forgot to attend my last tuitorial class and hand me an assignment worth 5%.

Wish me luck >_<