In a manner of speaking.

See what happened to fellow blogger Jason was that he had a little complication.

His boss was paid by a student who requested to have her report type written which then the boss delegated the task to Jason. He was itching to have the medical student to learn a lesson on the importance of doing your own work, so he more or less willfully altered some structure to her report.

Don't take sides yet until you've read his ellaboration of the story: Part 1 here and this link leads to Part 2.

Unfavourable comments soon followed the posts of his acts. Normally, your readers would come back you up and tell these people they are not welcomed to make antagonistic ideas heard especially when it concern's another person's space. I'd feel invaded too if that were to happen to me.

So I tell him, "Well true it wasn't right of you to do such a thing, jobs should be taken to a certain point of professionalism, there is always a setting if such things really. She didn't really even make your life worse, so she's not really entitled to be called bitch. She may have done her own work, you never know."

He does defend himself with a piece from Twinsmom where apparently the blogger got insulted as well.

Comments aren't really to be taken so seriously, are they? I personally feel that they give you perspectives, not reasons to wage contest. Even if you take it as an insult, remember the other person could have taken it as seriously as you did but in another issue. People weren't born with manners and social skills, they are brought up with it. It's only human if you want to gossip of others.

Even if people should defend themselves, knowing limits are particularly important and if you should leave the person alone, bow out and do it with grace,....if not a bit of wit. ;)

So think twice before speaking your mind. The best wars are won before the battle begins.


Anonymous said...

People gave a shit all the way to the linked blogger? That's sad. Unprofessional, yes, worth arguing about, no. :)

Jason said...