Of pubic hairs

Once upon a time, hair was considered as a gift given to enhance once physique. Rapunzel only needed to throw her tresses to bag the prince of her dreams, Tarzan only needed hairy knuckles and dreadlocks to capture Jane's heart and Aragorn, his manliness spills from the edges of his chin.

Until the invention of the bikini, sleeveless tops, the lace underwear, tightly cut swimsuits and low cut jeans.

Speaking of low cut jeans I recall a fellow uni friend who which wore a pair of those and levi's too in fact. Hmm yes, very nice with her slightly firm buttock. The earrings, the baby tee top the belt, the hair sticking... Okay....so there was a bit of loose swirly black fibre sticking out like a leafling from the ground...with varying degrees of thickness along it's length and a sharp pointy end....and....

WTF AM I LOOKING AT IT FOR! (Oh well cause maybe it sticks out like a sore thumb :P )

Now how do you go on telling a friend that she's got some pubic bit sticking out of her jeans like an aiming cannon?

"Eh, you wanna check how your jeans is tucking round your belly..."

"Oh, OMG! Hey Thanks!"

*She goes to the toilet to tuck it in and you swear you don't wanna avoid contact with her hand for the whole day.*

You know, I've seen gymnasts and ballet dancers with fascinating tufts of lining below their abdomen. Yup. Very unintentionally.

Moving on from dry land to the wet land, Swimming was some what of a favourite past time of mine and swim suits were best designed tight to accomadate torque in the water. One incident of an opponent swimming breaststroke ahead of me in the next lane got me mortified....

...and later disqualified :P

Then comes in the products and services guaranteed to remove bikini hair effectively and painlessly. Electronic epilator? No thank you, SHOCKING experience to the bottom.
Creams leave this nasty ammonic like smell and you'd have to bear it for a good 15 minutes or so while it stings your sensitive bits.
Brazillian wax? Kinda feel abit shame-shame to reveal myself in public.
Shaving on the other hand, leaves some interesting questions on how to reach the further end bottom without causing nicks and cuts.

Why remove it anyway then? It has to be there for some sort of protective mechanism for all I know. Even though the extra rug may cause the buildup of excessive moisture and thus leading to some unpleasant infections.

Sigh...why does it have to be a bother in women and look so good on men :P


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're such a baby!

The key is to not let the cream touch your sensitive bits, silly! THAT's the only bit which hurts and stings like a little bitch. The place where the hair grows is never on the sensitive bits.

And stay away from waxing like omg. >_<

- Jha

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