You may wear that lipstick, have proof of identity that you're well over being a teeny bopper, pay that hefty income tax or even have children... for all that the good Lord knows and you behave very well below all that.

Brag? Which person doesn't have to brag to that certain level. But thou should always remember never to preach so high, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WHO IS BETTER THAN YOU. What you've achieved is just "PUI!" *gargles and spits* to many of us. Please don't get engorged with the fact that even when everyone else is looking the other way, you've already taken the mic and announced your triumph.

Undeniably, my mood hasn't been particularly very good these few days. I bare my teeth in disgust upon recent sights and fasten my claws into the seat I lay my butt on. Yet on second thought, I shall not unleash my anger into the world. In fact I'm happy I'm brought up this way, civilised in every manner thought possible. Why should I ruin my day over one trifle self-obssessed, self-thought big shot?

Well, well. Reflects very well on the way you were brought up doesn't it?

I shall just look upon such an experience and thank God for allthe effort he has put into making me into a person that is not anything like you :)