Wouldn't want... didn't want... to go to uni today. My first skipped lecture of the year. Whoopee! I've become an academic delinquent for my 3rd year which IS supposed to be my last and MOST IMPORTANT year.

But you know, I'm actually happy about it.

Happy that I don't have to spend days indoor without seeing the sun

... I don't have to walk up and down to look for rooms around campus to occupy during the long breaks

ECSTATIC that I don't have to drive ~60km today and squeezing through the jam that comes along with it

or just satisfied with the thought that I don't have to compete with sneaker padded feets for a decent computer.

Don't look at me like that some of you, It's only one lecture today. I'm not going to wake up early just to wait through half the day for one class. Neither am i going to come just before the class...as if I can find a parking spot after that.
Neither is it too comforting to know that any of the people who attended would know a thwat of what the content is about. I and another classmates ask him questions A-C, he answers question A with answer C and question B with answer A and by the time question C's answer came, we were all throughly confused and the lecturer well...was more distraught with the fact of us being confused.

Debate Club meeting is on tomorrow, with the orientation and the Jam session on Friday.

Even when the whole of next week is a holiday, I'll be having pseudo-breaks in the lab trying to run some biochemical tests on unidentified bacteria and cramming for two test while spending most of time into finishing an essay about biotechnologically produced vaccines. I've got a couple of personal and family errands to run with that too.

As if I'll be able to attend my Tennis class tomorrow evening :(

I got this feeling that I'll be dressing down these few days.