Stories from the Driving Test sites 1

Side parking. I pushed in the gear and slid the car in the square foward with very little effort. Ok. Done. Next woould be looking at my right side-mirror to reverse the rest of the car into the box. Oooohhh what's this? My right side-mirror is facing the ground? I'll just tip my head downwards so i can see the metal bars and reverse. First I slide into the reverse gear and...reverse. break. check check. reverse. break. check check. rever...CLANG!

Oh shit...

Still don't understand what happenned? Graphically...it was like this:
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Being lazy i just didn't adjust my mirror but went ahead with tilting my head That made me fail my parking exam and delayed my whole driving process for a few weeks. Those were my days. Come to think of it, my fail was due to sheer stupidity.

Let's hear some really ridiculous ones shall we? It was Ashley's turn today so after picking her up, we went for dinner at A&W. Where she began explaining the whole day at the test site today.
Out of 139 students to take the test, she was candidate number 137.
Her turn on the road, as she entered the car, she was given a quick pick-on by the examiner on "touching" the mirrors and seat adjustment for checking purposes. Before revving the engine, he tells her.

"Kau ikut peraturan aku, kalau tak saya akan gagal kamu." (You follow my rules, if you don't I will fail you.)
Oh well, so okay she just didn't quite bother and continued driving. How many rules can she break to pass anyway.. At the traffic light, she stopped when it was red. When it turned green, she changed the gear and went ahead then came another yelling.

"Kenapa gerak? Lampu merah!" (Why are you moving? Red light!)
WHAT? She looked at the car that was next to her speeding ahead.

"Lampu hijau tuan. Semua kereta sudah gerak" (The light is green sir. All the cars have went ahead).

"Merah!" (Red!)

"Hijau lah..." (Green...)

"Kalau saya cakap ia merah, maknanya merah." (If I say it was red, it's red.)

"Ya tuan." (Yes sir.)

"Baik. Sekarang tukar gear kepada satu." (Good. Now change to the first gear.)Ashley switches to the first gear and holds on to her ear as spit comes from the passenger seat.

"Buat apa tukar gear? Tukar banyak sangat?" (Why did you change the gear? Change gears so much.)

"Tuan suruh tukar kepada gear satu" (You asked me to change to first gear sir)

"Mana saya ada cakap? Jalan cepat sikit, lambatnya... naik kepada 60." (When did I say so? Drive a little faster, so slow...go up to 60kmph)

"Tapi papan tanda kata laju maksima 30 tuan." (But the signs say maximum of 30kmph speed sir).

"Kau nak gagal?" (Do you want to fail?)