The Birthday Party

At the beginning of the Day, I was so worked up over the number of people who called up to say they can't make it. I thought from then onwards it would be absolutely right to quote that Malaysians just don't do RSVPs :P

Some people just didn't make it any better to ask me the confirmation of how many people were coming. Even sentences that sang the 'I told you so' tune...I wasn't so happy to hear them either.
It's surprising how things can turn out so well even if from your angle there was not even a hope of divine redemption. The people came, (and so did the presents :D Hee...) Even those who weren't there were felt in spirit.

Hann Yong came with more than a bunch of roses, but with darling looking Lilies as well, the food was good, the cake was splendid, the chatter was immense and even though there was a moment where the people at home were gawking at Camilla's head piece as she strode out of the church, the attention turned back to me :)

I'm truly blessed. Thank you everyone for the presents, the company, and especially the times that I have spent with you to make me the person that I am today :D

For photos of the event, Click here