Last day of un-adulthood

Let's see,

I spent my last week of being 20 complaining about the workload I had

Decorating my nails, my aunts nails and my friend's nails with stickers, paints, brushes, studs, glitters and such

Shopping for the nicest smelling and slim fitting clothes across two states

Blew RM100 on daily doses of vanilla latte at the nearest coffee bar.

Spreaded out my Pokemon card collection and admired them from multiple points of views

Rarely blogged a merry moment

Ordered an A&W Beary meal and 2 Happy Meals

Made sadistic stick man Gif graphics

Bitched about old flames and nasty ditzy gals

Surfed round friendster to see who's grown into a hot bod with an even hotter partner

Matured now aren't we April? Somehow, I feel this isn't all going to change in less than an hour. I'll still be doin the same old things cause well...I do like doing them.

21 and nothing has changed :)

Cheers to me :)