Since when was pink out for you?

If you think I was this close to beinga real life Barbie doll sitting on her pink vanity with a pink laptop chewing on a pink peach opened with a pink can opener, on a pink platter with a pink fork while doodling on her pink post-its with a pink pen....erm...well, you're pretty close.

So, there was this time when my reign in the choir club got me the nick name 'pink lady' when appeared in a pink sweater for the Prague concert. And the contents of my pencil case from the eraser right down to the liquid paper were also in pink. I recall that pencil case inspired a BRAT my junior, to pick my quirk as her second nature.

I do have pink jeans that are almost fuschia...with everything from pumps to nail stickers to make the union picture perfect. Pink camera, tissue paper, papered soap, bike,...the only thing I'm missing on my list is a car. When I mention so many Pink items, I mean they are in pinks of


So why the sudden change to green April?
Ahah! It's because I want to green the earth..oh wait I want to improve my eyesight... It's a colour that I haven't used before for a blog layout. The answer is as simple as that.
I'm really not everything you see. ;)