The one on food poisoning

*Caution: may provoke disgusting mental images.*

The last time I had food poisoning, it was caused by the burger stall in school. Even with 2 minutes left to him, the 'Burger Special' he whipped up was still cold and pink-ish in the center. I had terrible visits to the toilet from that day for a few days watering the toilet bowl. Honestly, it wasn't very pleasant to hear that when the health officials came to check the canteen the burger man had Escherichia coli in his lickin' good appendages.

This time I think it was Caesar's salad at one of the places in a shopping mall. This one had bacon bits in it which I thought would be a pleasant addition to all the vege I've been having. My first bite into it there was something else cruchy besides the baby Romaines. It was in fine grains like salt, only harder.

It must have come from the bacon bits cause they were harder than the cashew nuts!

A while later I felt rather cold, faint and had to grab hold of poor Hann Yong. I developed a fever in the car and laid in bed before waking up to throw up at 2am.

Sweating, I loooked up into the sink to see what kind of puke i came up with
Oh great...i can see some of the baby Romaine stalks and all the UNDIGESTED bacon

Mom came in at 3am to pass me a digestive and a glass of warm milk that was when I got my high fever.

Just yesterday, things didn't seem to get better. Ani (my maid) was up giving me massages from dawn to dusk to release the 'air' trapped in my system. Everything I ate seemed to end up in the sink.

10 mins later ...BARF

7 mins later... UUUWEEECKKK

Hot chocolate...
6mins later...UPCHUCKED

Cream of Chicken soup...
9 mins later... REGURGITATED

20 mins later.... OOOAAAAGHHHHHWEEEEHHH... 'when is this shit gonna sto...' PUKE
a semi-clear, semi-murky green coloured mix of bile and gastric acids.

My poop? let's not even go there.

At this point I was getting terribly hungry, sweaty and sick of sleeping and especially for the whole friggin day. Also disgusted with the bitter/sour sweet mix of my own body fluids and partially digested food flavours in my mouth.

The cure? Eno :)

Yes, yes it maybe an antacid, but i didn't feel like throwing up aftwurds. Which meant, I could eat panadol and subsequently, get better. hey hey :D

Oh yes, Hann Yong came over later in the evening to bring me a piece of chocolate cake. He insisted I have something I liked to help me come with the situation. Frankly,the one thing that was in my mind was...

"WOW he's encouraging me to eat junk food! I should get sick more often!"

but then. of course not :P

Tell you all now, I must. That eating something you crave for when you're sick is good for your health. You should see how pink I am in the face now :)


Anonymous said...

you got a maid?

you deserve to be sick