To be titled as 'crap' to be less offensive

One..... One shit done

Two..... another brown sausage disposed

Three..... What a relief...two little sausages gone

MMMMmmmmhhhhhmmmhhhhhh... *Closes eyes tight tight*
Feeeooooouuuurrrr....Ohhh that one was a little hard to squeeze out but it's over with.

Feeeiiivvveee..... Aiyoh exactly like number four, stubborn stubborn one

*Peeps into the toilet bowl*
Wahhh.... that's alot of shit today. At least good for my body adi. But kanasai... wasted so much of my energy just to "pooot" it out. But that's shit all right... black, stinky and smelly and full of just SHIT.

While wiping my backside to clean off the bits of shit, some people rapped on the door asking for me.

"Wait ah..., I just finished shitting"

Ohh these people cannot wait. What Shitty people... just as I was about to come out of the toilet door to wash my hands clean-clean, these shitty people that are so full of shit from a shitty place came down to feed me some shitty work along with shitty deadlines and shit signed me up for shitty tests.

I questioned their authority....
"What the shit? What kind of shit is this?"

They didn't give a shit.

I close the door and go do their business for them. At least if I do fast fast, get all that shit done, dun care if look like shit or not, I can go clean myself with some nice grape soap.

When I met the shitty people again, I showed them the shit I produced. They were so proud even tho it was a bit shitty looking....So these shitty people gave me more shit.

I curse them Shitty, Shit Shit Shit Shit.

Now I have so much shitty work to do.


Total word count: 283
Total 'Shit' count: 30