A safe not safe anymore?

It's either the fact that the 4th Chinese month seriously isn't good for alot of us, or there is a series of unfortunate events of the people in my life.

After celebrating Baby Ryan's 1st birthday, we were on our way home till Sam Ku Mah (Third Auntie) called mom crying hysterically.

My gawd...her house was a warzone. Theives came in with a huge ass crowbar and pried her safety deposit boxes. How huge ah? The marks on the door broken off from it's hinges were as wide as a car steering lock. And the safe...with walls thicker than a pack of 80gsm papers; and big over hormonal-ed fellers like I can actually fit inside that monster.

They used frigging hydraulics powered by diesel (which dripped all over the floor) to rip open the locks and the steel grills. They came in thorugh the front gate and the first smart thing they did was to make an escape route from the back door. They snipped the ALARM SYSTEM!

If the condition of the house was so messed up that I could cry having to pack it up, I think if I were in their shoes I would have died from myocardial infarction knowing what they took from me. They stole ALOT. The deeds to the lands, the jewellery, the key to the FDs...haiyoh.

They ransacked the fridge too. Why in the world?
Oh yeah some people do actually keep their stuff in the most unsespected places, the fridge, the shoe boxes.

A little advice for you out there...Take good care of yourselves. Really.
In the mean time, I'm going to hide my valuables in least susceptible places. Got this feeling that daddy's going to beef up our house security soon too.

Think before you comment or give me other smart suggestions to help many of us how to avoid such things. It just may make some of us smarter for the wrong reasons.