Grow up for heaven's sake!

Excuse me. I have to rant abit.

I don't want to act all superior and leaderlike here but some people I know just don't mature very much. (Cause in the first place it's not very grown up of me to rant about small things such as a minor causal irritation).

It starts with spoilt kids (oh yes I'll call you that, even though you have already proceeded further with a 2 as your first number in your two digit age.) You call an exam in your studies major stress???
Pardon me??? You can handle that by picking up an addictive habit?
I'll show you what stress is like to have your boss on your neck with your spouse on the other line, blaming the kids incompetence on you while your mother in law chips in.

And oh, how clever. Suggestions to actually do the world much better with itty bitty demonstrations and rebels of protest against an established system. Go find something else to pick on. Tell me how great it is to have your act enstated in law when (or if) you become that next politician.

Oh yes. Please watch yourself before you judge the actions of other people. Nobody likes a show off who pretends to do better than you just because you can come up with fancy lines and the bravery to bring up ideas that no one has talked off before. I'd like to see you go there and actually tell me "done that" before you drag us all in with it. You're NOT even earning money, still relying on your parents to pay your electric and water bills and you want to talk about changing the world. Spare my ears please.

The difference between monkey and humans, is that apes are bored with nothing much to do at times while humans are bored with imagination to concert with it.

With that we have dreams with ideals and the more idealistic we become, the sadder we are cause it's so far from the real world. I can't STAND idealistic liberals. HELLO. It's not just you living here you know. The world not good enough for you is it? Then I suggest you just go halt/stop what ever you're doing which includes reading my blog, turn off your internet don't ever come online again and go outside under open skies to think of wonderful things you can do for us all.

I didn't say our sentimental nature should be assassinated by the 'real life' experiences. And even if you come back with such know-hows; it is NOT a competition to see who has the most or frankly worth bragging about. It should be SHARED with ultimate modesty and the very least of a soft spoken voice.

If I actually had the patience to tolerate you and find interest in your ideas. Don't fire mine back just because it doesn't make much logic to you.

Talk is cheap. Don't give me excuses, Give me results.