To the people on my MSN list who msged me to say you're sorry about my nails. I'm sorry to the blog readers who happen to read this post due to the title as well. You see..








I'm sorry I was over-exaggerating over a small-itty-bitty chip; but being a nail perfectionist, I just couldn't stand that my manicure has been reduced from this...


to the above.

"So what harh? Nail chip only marh! Not like nail broke the flesh turn black and got gangrene."

It's quite a terrible feeling, really. I have a great passion for perfectly 'coiffed' nails, so to speak and the sight of a small little chip is enough to bring me to the brink of psychological distress. I am terribly hooked to the grooming of my cartilage. That every bit of my nail keeping has to be in order with not even the sight of a smear of polish at the sides of my skin will be tolerated.

And since I don't believe in paying people to do the job for me; I later took sometime to immobilise myself on my desk filing, shaping, soaking, buffing, moisturising, scrubbing, mixing colours, base-coating, base-colour-polishing and top coating everything to produce something that will last me hopefully last me slightly more than a week.
Hey hey, nicely done!
An idea only hit me later after admiring my latest do...

Crap. I'm a nail perfectionist.


raks said...

Wow! Your nails are beautiful! Superb! Very nicely done! Perfect! Extremely nice! and you did it yourself! cool! I'm really impressed!

KY said...

paint me nice nails can?

on 2nd thought, i still have to go to office...

love2bug said...

wow.. how do you that..
the small flower decoration on your nail..

april yim said...

raksha: Arigato :D

KY: When you earn alot of money and retire, no need to work anymore, then i do for you lah :D

einazi: Artists soft brush tip no.1, nail polish, a picture of sakuras and a steady hand with patience to go ;)

Lady V said...

YOU did this YOURSELF?!

Omigod! *starts worship*