Girls day out

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I know some people who believe they are quite self sufficient by living in PJ / Sunway / Subang / ShahAlam / Klang that they absolutely dread the idea of travelling 20-50km down town. This time, for this holidays, you people will have to travel down to MY TURF. It has been really nice of you all to show me where's what and who's where in those areas, but please, let me return the favour for once :)

I take 3 surburban ladies from as far as Kepong to Shah Alam out for a day like this with the ultimate aim of sourcing for necessary things for the vanity pot. The main constraints...Time and BUDGET

Shirley saved my life for getting her dad to drop her off at my place. First stop KLCC. To pick up Shing Ying. (Nuts ah? Budget and think I would go there to shop?).

Through Bukit Nanas we go and ending up parking the car at Mydin, Kota Raya. Huei Ying and Wan Feng gather up with us 5 mins later. And away we go!

Shing Ying needed some cloth for emboidery. I took her to the store where I got my cloth for tailoring my Prom dress with the skinny ol' man with timberland grey whiskers. I'm a sucker for anything orientally emboidered and these rolls are of a very very decent price.

chinese cloth

*Gasp* Chinese cloth!

After buying my Final Fantasy soundtracks and sips of Petaling Street's best Tau Foo fah we got pretty much locked up at the Bonita warehouse along the road. Earrings were so cheap. RM1 each. The designs may look alittle teeny-bopper-ish. But when you get the right ones, it's a steal!

bangles...ya think??

Bangles? No... my new Giant Hoops! Even my leg can go through the biggest one! One for every colour of the rainbow ^-^.

Clothes over there are still of a debatable price I'm surprised. 2 pieces party dresses and Sequined Butterfly tops that Eden's Crush wore in 'Get Over Youself' for decent prices :) Shirley demonstrates a sample of the funky garments below.

shirley panties

Shirley and her leopard prints... *shakes head*

I myself was not spared but the prices and the variety that I bought something too! Also cause I was really looking for something nice to wear for Hann Yong the next time he takes me somewhere fancy :D


I like this one. At least it makes me look slimmer :P

Huei Ying wasn't convinced for she still believed that Sungei Wang held the best deals for prom dresses as recommended by me for her last prom. We run through the scary parking of Mydin to drive over to Sungei Wang. There I saw every a shop every pink Loving Girl would absolutely die for. A super Pink shop Oi! Woot! Too bad my money has already stop flow at Petaling Street.

pink shop

Super Pink Shop!: April...grow up already.

Hokay so Huei Ying found her dress after my champion missing cell phone episode. Wan Feng then reminded me.


Because she asked so nicely, I hurried the gang through the aisles and walkways of Sungei Wang to bring them to San Peng, the land where the retailers play. (Irene Q, take note ;) / See how much I love you Auntie Feng? :P ). And as promised before, Photos.

bag shop

A whole shop dedicated to BAGS!






and more Clothes!

shirley dress

When it comes to modelling for me, Shirley is such a gem :D


I find this print absolutely hilarious! It's like saying, thank you for Botox, Clostridium botulinum!

Shopping for me doesn't stop there. Whee :) I got myself a pair of fantastic Gwen Stefani looking earrings from the all Austrian and Korean crystal shop and another pair of a cross cut orange looking earrings.


$$...who doesn't want it?

My orange earrings!

Ahhh... kawaii!

Only 4pm and these people are exhausted already. Tsk tsk :P I dropped them all off at the Pandan Jaya LRT station and headed for home myself as well :)

So you see. KL is a wonderful place to do some bargain hunting. If you're up to it :D I know I will always be ready for another day out. Just ask me ya? I'll be more than glad to take you around ;)


meiteoh said...

That dress looks really good on you!!! So feminine! ^_^ *drools at all the bags on display*

cyber-red said...

hey hey where's the shop with that chinese dress you've just adorned?

KY said...

i work in KL, abit sien ler..

Maggie said...

sayang you'll just go nuts shopping in India man...
...I think I need two whole boxes to ship all my clothes home!

mun yi said...

fantastic dress april..it's just perfect for you:)

april yim said...

scarfer: hehe wanna go take alook at them one fine day?

cyber-red: I bought it in Petaling Street. Also found an exact replicate of it at rest and relax in Sungei Wang

KY: cause that is WORK mah

munyi: thanks babe :D

meiteoh said...

:lol: I wouldn't mind - just need to find some time which I reckon isn't a problem! Lets ask a few more people!!!! :p

Kamkuey said...

You look super good in that dress.... u ARE slim