I go shoe shopping crazy

I used to think very lowly of buying shoes. I couldn't help thinking that I'm buying something to step on money. That was the last part of fashion aparrels that I would consider buying. Clothes and accessories first. Shoes later. I used to think Melissa and Hsu Pheen were crazy to buy so many shoes.

It just took one sale. A more matured fashionista outlook. And all my semester's savings.

Wedge shoes

It started with these three wedged shoes. A buy one free one case. Mommy likes wedges so when she spotted them on sale in Times Square, I took the opportunity to chose the 'free' pair (pink).

The french maid shoes

I call these my French maid shoes. Lin thinks they're pretty. Hsu Pheen thinks it looks nice and sweet. Most of my friends think it's sexy. My sis says it looks whore-ish. I think its gothic. Like "Gothic Lolita". I got the black pair in the beginning of the sale and then decided on the white pair so i can have a yin-yang set of shoes. Good and bad. Nasty and nice. Angelic and demonic. Had to call Lot 10 to book the last pair for me in my size.

Purple chiffon bow

Was so upset when they didn't have the purple flower shoes on sale anymore! I went to 7 diffrent Vincci outlets to hunt that shoe down but after I heard that they had no more on sale, I settled for the blue flower pair instead. So I got this pair along with the blue one *see next shoe*

Blue stilleto

Unfortunate I couldn't find the purple pair. But taking a closer look, the blue one doesn't seem so bad. But these are KILLER STILS. Try wearing them for a whole day and you'll see why they give you killer looks and later killed feet.

white boots

I got caught up in Jessica Simpson's latest hit for Dukes of Hazard. I was also listening to my Old Spice Girls CD. This boot, I shalt not only use for walking, but for daily costume playing of some anime save the world chick when I feel like it.


I wish I had the Yao Ming pair of shoes but this will do, Dad bought these for Ashley for her birthday. But I launched it's services in the family a day later. Mwahaha.


These will be my Sketchers after Mom uses it for her trip to China.


A rather old-new pair of nikes. Value for money at around rm100 only! I'll use them for walks up Kiara Hill.

Green butterfly

The green butterfly shoe. I saw it the week before sale in Sungei Wang but by week 1 of the sale. It was gone! Thank goodness I when I went to the most least visited Vincci in the whole of Klang Valley. They had a pair! Yes!! I really love this pair for the sweet looking butterfly on a lovely shade of green.

For now, I need to remind myself. Money doesn't grow on trees. I'm going to stop buying shoes for at least until end of the year. I've already given Hann Yong enough shock if he reads this.

*buying shoes is like stepping on money* (repeats in her mind)


Jason said...

I still don't understand, whats with girls and shoes? I only have a pair of slippers and a pair of sport shoes. :P

minishorts said...

achelly hoh jason, the question should be... 'april' and shoes.

meiteoh said...

I used to have that problem as well...until I went to Australia and promptly gave away a couple of my favourite pairs. These days, it's earrings that dominate the scene.

I reckon shoes will have to wait till my next paycheque comes out - although I do have my heart set on these two pairs I saw at 1U's Padini/Vincci outlet this time. LOL.

eyeris said...

My thoery is that Shoes are to girls what Football is to guys... WE can't get enough of it!

KY said...

that's all the shoes u have? i was expecting more!

Ayou said...

I love to shop for shoes.

When someone come to my house, they will think that there are alot of girls in my hoouse, but after they know there is only 2 girls in the house with almost 20 pair's of shoe, they will get shock.

I walk alot, shoe's are easily broken, spoil. So I won't want to wait until the shoe is really broken, then rushing to find new shoe.

Ayou said...

Beside that, I love the green with butterfly shoe and the purple 1.

Avril said...

Wow. I love the last pair, them sweet, sexy green ones!

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