Satay is not just the only tastiest thing in Kajang

Excerpts of the Spicy Soup Pan Mee could have been automatically mentioned by my fingers prior to this. This time, I have great pictures to post up.

But first; a very ugly self drawn map of how to get there.

The way to pan mee

Cause Lydia requested for it, Mei Ai hasn't tried it, Hsu Pheen was going to leave for UK and I was dying to have some zest in my mouth; we all purposely woke up alittle earlier than usual.

It is important to note that if you do want to eat the pan mee, be there BEFORE 11:30AM! or else you're going to have to come back on another day to try it. So if you're coming from PJ, leave by 10:45 and if from KL, leave by around then too.

this way to pan mee

If you see this sign, you'll never go wrong.

It's just an ordinary wooden house on a hill shaded by durian trees (you'd wanna park away from them) and you dine in the company of a friendly cute white dog who thinks he's the boss of the place and all sorts of fishes swimming with a river terrapin. You'll know it's that shop when you see a number of cars parked on the cemented side of the hill.

The pan mee shop

See the back? thats where they do all them good cooking!

If you're new there, say for.

1. "LHAT-TONG-BAN-MEEN" and you'll be served...

pan mee

The superstar dish of the restaurant and Chinese locals! Spicy soup pan mee is made of home made thick pan mee, served with pork strips, ginger slices, in spicy pepper-gingerish soup topped with bits of fried garlic.

2. If you mouth FAH TIEW KAI

Rice wine chicken

Up comes claypot rice wine chicken in black sauce :) The sauce in this dish is heavenly. I usually take the pork strips from the noodle claypot and drown them in the sauce from this dish.

3. Say HOH PAO ROH to the boss and get ...


Spicy claypot pork strips cooked with salted fish! The equivalent of what is known as HAM YU FAH LAN PO this one is cooked with TONNES of Chilli padi that will leave your taste buds on fire. It's so spicy that you don't even have to go close to it to take a whiff to cough. The perfect word to describe this dish is "BREATHTAKING".

It's extremely worth the trip and the hassle :D Don't wait anymore, go make plans to go! ;)

Rating: 9/10

Price: 6/10


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