Death by frog, yeast, fly, worm, mouse and chick.

I count the seconds to my doom. It's crazy I'm supposed to study the body parts and the genetic structure of these crazy animals. Thousands of pictures and millions of words. One or two of them maybe cute to look at in also, one or two slides.

Definitely not pleasant to turn pages of notes to find pictures like THIS



Giving you an ever so longing stare just so as you remember them for life. Whats that? THAT is the thing you put on your skewer for kebabs, the one served golden crispy brown or flavoured with hot sauce in fast food restaurants and the one that makes you sing:

"sieewww gai yik, ngo hhohhh chung yee sek!"

Well. Thats what you eat when they're a little more older. I hope this isn't suggestive as to turn yourself into a vegetarian by now.

At least what I'm learning makes you feel thankful for all that you have rather what than you don't have.

The term four eyes?

This, is an abnormal mutant fly with four eyes. his antenna were supposed to be there instead of those two compound eyes. But you can modify these flies in anyway you want! Don't want eyes? Try legs!

And thank goodness for sexual reproduction I'd say. If I was a little worm, I wud not certainly enjoy myself just getting lap dances from my partner (As below) and burst myself into itty bitty pieces just so that my children can live. No need to worry about size tho hey! Any male would be substantially smaller by size anytime! That is too say that if I wasn't a friggin hermaphrodite and had to please my own call of nature to eventually, burst up too.

The things that are being thought in private institutions nowadays. Tsk tsk