I am a makeup monster!

As a child, I was fascinated with colours. I took several forms of art classes and my father encouraged me by buying me large sets of coloured media. However, he wasn't too enthutiastic when I was painting and colouring more than anything else.

With a little more financial independence and a swirve of career direction at hand, I still cannot deny the calling of these colours that I've missed in my early teens.

And recently I saw a promotion in the papers that i cud'nt resist
An Estee Lauder set for a fraction, of a percentage of a decimal of the price.

Estee lauder
So nice the set. Mirrors for the compacts are the size of a coaster! I actually bought it for the brushes heh.

My sis after seeing the set says;

Sis: "You only have one face but so much makeup, how to finish lah?"
Me: "Oh you mean I have that much?"
Sis: "You don't realise? MY GAWD"

So I took the time off and decided to spring clean my makeup. And by golly she's right. My GAWD.

My perfume liao. Sakai.

Polish 1
The main nail polish drawer : Essentials; the Sally Hansen nail prisms range, Sally Hansen's Mega Shine, Sally Hansen's maximum growth and Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Base Coat; Revlon Limited Edition colours

The second nail polish drawer: This one has all the additional stuff

Lipstick drawer: Love my chocolate flavoured lipstick! Ahh I dun have many of them but, not a big fan of lipsticks

Lip Gloss and lip balms
Lip glosses and lip balms: But I'm a big fan of GLOSS!

For the eyes
Eyeshadows, liners and mascara: I love my compacts esp the shiseido and pN ones :D

Nail stuff
Nail art Stuf: Stickers, 3d art, files, buffers, orange sticks , brushes and studs!

Foundations and Bases
All the base makeup for skin: I have ALOT TO COVER

Blotters and blockers and such: Oily skin saviours

Glitters: The 10TH Anniversary Ettusais glitter kit and my sheiseido 5S glitter powders. Can't live without my body shop shimmer also.

Hand care
Nail and hand care: One day, I shall suffer from acetone poisoning. Hahaha

Eye care
Eye care: I dun have that 20-20 eyesight. I'm quite blind at night without them vision aids

Hair care
Hair care products.

Body Moisturisers
Body Moisturisers: If you have touched me and think i have soft skin, its not the lotion, Its my fat

Feet treats
For the legs and feet : I'm a staunch believer of the fact that every girl should have feet so soft that you could rub your face upon it.

I have to stop buying adi. Gone half broke. If you're reading this and if i recommend a sale to u; please hold me down with nails and hammers if you have to.


Jason said...

Imagine the amount of food I can eat and how long I can last with it, with all the money you used to buy those stuff.

minishorts said...


vincent said...

I tried to count the number of bottles....but I lost count. Hehehe..

meiteoh said...

Whoa...seriously damn a lot man.

And out of curiousity, how old are all the stuffs there - on average?

Fuckstress said...



Raksha said...

Whoa...this is whacked babes. Just whacked...(-_-")

april yim said...

Jason: Kenot eat adi ler, I got fat recently. After Prom, whack all the food oni haha.

minishorts: Young mah. Wanna Look super pretty while I THINK I still have it.

vincent: There shud be about 70 bottles.

Mei: Hey, been sometime. Kinda dun believe in makeup shelf life. The oldest wud be about 5 years old and each product is on averags 1/2 a year to a year old.

Fuckstress: contrary to belief, I'm not rich. Very ordinary girl but with only eccentric chracteristics. Most of these were bought with my own money from part time jobs.

raksha: Whack; hmm... I need a good whack in the head if i go for another sale.

Maggie said...

I'm sure that there's a shelf life for these products, no?

Shirley said...

What??so much make up stuff??wonder how much u use to get all those...btw...do u use it all..

Rae said...

I thought I had a lot when I counted 30 bottles of nail polish but wahey, you owned the nail polish world man! Do you used everything you have??

Anonymous said...

i thought i was bad.


there's someone crazier than me out there in the world.

Jayelle said...

heh, sorry. that was from me.

miro said...


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Su Zen said...

I WANT TO STEAL ALL YOUR STUFF. well not really. but damn that pic with ur nail polishes made my jaw drop

KY said...

this is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

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