Roasted Attempts

"Bake on Oven Proof Glass surface at 130Celcius for 15 minutes per 6mm. DO NOT EXCEED TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME."

*Scratches head* Hmmm...

I'm no good at baking. Never was. Had the whole morning itching to try out polymer clay baking. I rushed down to Art friend to get my sculpey starter kit.

I spent the entire episode of the evening Buffy the vampire slayer episode shaping and moulding the clay into various shapes and sizes. I laid the trays with aluminium foil and the whole batch of my baking ended up having a burnt base.

Anyway, the first thing I wanted to make were Snowmen earrings! I tought they would look look adorable having little frosted men dangling off your ears.

And pictured below is he. Observe that the pearl shimmer pack of colours gave him a very frosty glow. His burnt arse and back parts of his thighs and calves however were the cause of *ahem* "household accidents" His older brother and twin was somehow not so lucky to escape with a full nose.

Snowman sculpey

In the event of halloween and the lack of orange earrings on my rack, what a better way than to solve both matters with Jack-O-lantern earrings :D These came out quite nicely I must say. :D

pumpkin sculpey earrings

Being halfway sleepy throughout the day, I was redminded of how sleep led to dreams, how dreams were casted by the Greek God Morpheus. How Morpheus was as jovial as Bacchus. How Bacchus had wine. How wine was made from Grapes. How grapes became my next Sculpey project.

grape sculpey

The best of all these sets were the flowers. I dusted my body glitter on them to give them that extra dazzle :D


And for my next project, I wanna make pac mans and earrings of assorted dim sum :D Mmm...


ai naoki~ said...

omg... >.> you had a rather productive day~~ bring bring to uni~ I wanna see!!! ^__^ can i request for a pair? :D

KY said...

please make me some KY branded bling blings

vincent said...

hehe...they have burnt base cuz u used foil on a metal baking tray. which tends to get damn hot. like the instruction says...use a glass tray

Bren said...

you have some really cute stuff! i love polymer, it's so fun; but i always burn bits of it, lol :/
i love the snowman :)