Some girls are gonna be jealous.

Over the last weekend, I have spent a disrespectable amount of time with the books but hung on to the company of my new clay set.

This oven of mine is a prehistoric creature itself, large, and difficult to understand. I submitted to the one door toaster sitting in company of the juicer. Ding ding :D with successful experimentation and control systems, the perfect easy bake clay oven!

From the last burnt in the ass prototype snowman, i have graduated to produce the cutest snowman earrings ever! BEHOLD!

Snoman earring
Frosty the snowman is hanging from my ears!

If you're thinking; "Ah yes, so what snowman. So what?"
You wait ahh.. would you fall for this teddie?

Angel bear

Lil angel bear

I just made him a few minutes ago actually :D Its gonna be hanging from my neck :D
Maybe some emoticons?

emoticon earrings

Emoticon earrings

Not enough ah?

Well then, in my most humble opinion, mixing passion with love only makes the whole experience explosive. Allow me to share some saucy, juicy, yummy photos with you, guaranteed to make you crave for some.
Food + earring making :D ahhhh the joy!

sushi earrings

Salmon california roll and tamago with wasabi on a platter, kani sushi, tamago sushi, and ebi sushi.

Don't you like sushi? Cause I love my sushi! Or maybe you're just accustomed to the local flavours. I have just the thing!

local food earrings

Kuih lapis, siew mai in a basket and pai tee (top hats)
Or do you have a sweet tooth? Cause we got plenty of the sweet stuff!

cake earrings

Mint choc pie, mocha choc cake, and strawberry cream cake

ice cream earrings

Ice cream in strawberry and mint chips in dark wafer cone, bubblegum sundae, mint ice cream topped with chocolate chips and straberry wafer sundae

pudding crepe and pie earrings

Creme crepe with blackcurrant, caramel pudding, raspeberry pie.

cupcake earrings

Cupacake earrings in pink frosting, pink frosting with raisins, and in icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Others may prefer more SOLID food.

burger apple. watermelon

Burger, glazed chocolate apple and watermelon slices :D


Oh I almost forgot, corned candy as eaten in Halloween, Mun Yi's red rose and Quang Lin's black rose and a raspberry sherbet ice cream!

Wahaha. MAD OR NOT? 30 over new earrings over the week! WHAHAHA!

Crap lah,...getting hungry myself. I'm going off for a bite :P


~ai~ said...

YOU MAD MAD WOMAN! Thanks for the roses tho ^-^ THey're so so pretty!!! <3 <3 <3 and I'll let you know if i want to get sushi for my aunt XDXD hahaha~ I hv to show all my friends what you've made! ^__^

Jayelle said...


If you're hoping to make a profit out of naive students like me..drop me a line at jolenelai@gmail.com!! I WANT TO OWN SOME!!!

Jason said...

Wahaha, I saw it myself the other day. :P

Make one middle finger for me. LOL. Kidding.

april yim said...

~ai~: hope u like ur roses lin :D

jayelle: jolene gal if u like, i'm creating some new designs after my exam. Will send a catalogue to u after that

Jason: cannnnn. but u no piercings how to wear?

Lady V said...

omigod, so cute!!!

how the hell do you manage to do something so small so intricately?!


i wannnnnnnnnnnnn

Avril said...

Hey April...Can make me a tortoise pair? Pwetttyyy puhh lease??? My 21st coming up soooooooon....=)

Jo said...

yo...such a creative and innovative person! really salut u ..so passionate one..talented gal! keep up the good work yeah!!wish i can hav a pair of pink piglet too. ahhaa

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