The one with the blogger at the polluted beach

For lack of entertainment and for the love of research, Dr. Khoo invited a couple of us to join in to help with the collection of sea grapes (Caulerpa racemosa) at Port Dickson. Sea grapes,...because they look like grapes (in water) and are strongly believed to hold some properties for the future development of modern medicine.

Lucky for us girls Melvin took a day off to drive Kelly, Lin and me down :D Warbling songs from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins

On the way!

While me and lin took the opportunity to cam whore abit :D

April and Lin2

We had lunch in one of the restaurants located along the coast on the way to the location :D

Restoran Muhibbah

and let me tell you, being half Hakka, I loved the sweet and sour fish! wheeee :D


This was the location of the place. Looks nice doesn't it? It's located next to a mangrove forest smack in between a haunted slaughter house like changing room (didn't want to photograph it in case i get extra images in the picture), a state forest reserve, a lil park and someone's Minangkabau accentuated vacation home. In truth if I had only photographed the coast you would see remnants of oil spills, floating plastic bags tugged on by mangrove roots and rather murky water.


Since me, Lin and Kelly had to plans to even touch the water, we baby sat the dogs and had a good time with them. Hao Hao was being irritating by trying to push me off my seat all the time. Miki i think was a mole in his past life and Minnie, like the war torn lover waiting for her love to come back from beyond the sea. They made things incredibly interesting.

Feeding treats2

Feeding treats to Minnie, Eunice and Hao Hao.

kelly and miki

Miki playing coy with Kelly


Pretending to do a Fumakilla add. Notice I have the sales woman pose while kelly looks like the housewife satisfied with the pesticide.

Flying in the breeze...

As the sky cleared up, the sun was shining and the breeze picked up, I needed a Super cam-whore pic. Kelly looks on in disapproval :P

As Eugenia and Mel went to rent out a kayak, me and Kelly tried kayaking for the first time. We didn't even reach shoulder deep area of the sea and we had to turn back. Our arms were aching like mad. When the boat washed up shore, the wave tipped me off the boat and I fell backside first into the sea. So much for now wanting to get in the water.

Getting up I saw a dirty old diaper in the water... Great that time I smelt like mangrove, sea water, wet dog and unchanged baby. As Lin, Dr. Khoo, Eugenia and Kelly took the doggies for a walk, I had a little chat with Khalil over my little find on the beach.

April: There's a dirty diaper in the water Khalil

Khalil: Oh I'm not surprised. This area is near a sewage dumping site. Do you know what's in the water?

April: Oil spill?

Khalil: No. Shit. Lots and lots of shit.

April: Oh gee thanks Khalil. You made me feel sooooo much better.

sunburnt lin

Lin's sunburnt shoulder.

At the end of the day, we all ended up sunburnt, tired, mosquito bitten, and with a proficiency in changing clothes with our naked asses faced towards the mangrove and our torsos facing two doors from two different cars parked side to side. Thanks guys and thanks Dr. Khoo :D


Mei said...

Juz dropping by, from Suzen's blog. :D Happen to see ur pics and found out that u were my junior back in BBGS. Nice blog, keep it up girl! :)