Where to get that hair treatment for only RM10

*Terms and conditions apply*

Duh... with a price so low. Obviously there would be some catch to it right? Just bring your own bottle of hair serum/ treatment / oil / serum / gunk / whatever it is and flock over to my place to get your hair done in 20 minutes flat. Promise.
Which brings about the conversation I had with Wan Feng awhile ago

Apr: Auntie....you still want to go for your hair treatment together or not
WF: Want want want!
Apr: I know a place where can get for RM10 only
WF: Where? Where Wah So cheap!
Apr: Eh my house lah. You got hair treatment cream or not?
WF: I got..but where to get the steamer?
Apr: I got....
WF: You BOUGHT A @#$@$%#@#$%^ STEAMER? Shit...
Apr: Yea...just bought only.

Ah yes. In the event of Mommy's birthday, she decided to treat herself to her own birthday gift with a steamer. Unfortunately since I was bumming around with her at that moment I had to chip in a bit of money also cause it's her birthday lah :P

My new hair steamer!

*Introductory trumpeting*

Mom included with the purchase a large canister of Wella treatment wax so we can steam and treat our hair every week for a period of minimum 8 months :D It's so easy to use just twist the dial and fip the buttons to make sure I won't burn steam all my hair off :D

steamer buttons

With this additional gadget to the house, I am THIS close to opening my own beauty parlor and even closer of suffocating from claustrophobia with it tucked away in my study. Shh...daddy IS NOT supposed to know YET >_<


Avril said...


I want! Hehehehe.

april yim said...

It was the last one in stock :(

Kurios1978 said...

Women who are darn serious about their hair... *wow + bows

Avril said...

the steamer was the last one in stock?