Sometimes, I don't get what I want.

Mommy bought a magazine today and with it came a brochure. With it came a promotional booklet for the Holiday season from one of the departmental stores. I made little markings next to the Dior 2005 Christmas palette and the Paul and Joe Christmas Limited Edition cooler Palette. Both also MUST BUY. After all I just got my pay from being the last returning officer and still have plenty left after taking mom and dad out for a nice dinner.

And then I see the nicest pair of earrings to the back of the booklet. The more I look at it, the more it sirens out to me. But the price of RM69 next to it gives my head an equally large pounding. I'm not going to friggin pay RM69 for a friggin pair of earrings! But then....

*Looks in wallet*

*allocates money for Dior and Paul & Joe*


*Opens cash savings*


*MENTAL SLAP*Calm down April.... You always cannot get what you want. You are not an obsessive lil rich brat.

Just like you can't lose weight to have the symmetry of Kate Hudson's back

or like how you'll never find a man who has the 99,999 essential qualities you listed down

or how you'll design edible chocolate lingerie that breaks down at the teasing places. (Not that I quite want to anyway)

Never mind, I make earrings right... *refers to design* Should be easy enough to do.






Ta-dah! Whee! RM69 earring design conquered!

silver earrings


Jason said...

Gal, I am going to buy earings from you from now on and give it as present to my gfs. :P

Does it comes in boxes with brand name on it? :P

april yim said...

jason: LOL, you're more than welcome ;)

It doesn't come in boxes or has a brand name YET but*crosses fingers* I hope it will soon! :D

minishorts said...

eh i wan i wan... :P

Mei said...


Avril said...

I oso want. Tortoise earrings! =)


eyeris said...

foowahlau, if only I can make ear-ring like you, then I can save a lot of money buying them for my gf leh! haha

Lil Patchee said...

With your expertise, you should start up your own stall. ;)