Aunt Alice and Uncle Tony down for Xmas

Auntie Alice and Uncle Tony were back not too long ago. Everytime they came back they would always give their nices and nephews sweet stuff like cute clothes, mickey mouse mechandise, collectible coins and read-along CDs. And as we grew older since they had no idea what to give the kids, the bring in Australian chocolates, delicious sweet mustard tuna and yummy special pancake mix in Space Jam containers!~

Since I'm all grown up already time they got me uber nice, young lady presents! ^^ Joy Joy!

NZ Paua Shell earrings

New Zealand Paua Shell earrings! I 've already worn them thrice!

Mother of Pearl earrings

Mother of Pearl Earrings! WAhhh I'm really flattered that Auntie Alice gave them to me XD These are so expensive since I'm spoilt by the variety of of 3 for RM10 earrings. I so, So, SO like!


A dusty silver brocade Australian Table Ei8ht bag! Wah! XD

Uncle Tony brought me to the side and told me in typical Uncle Tony Fashion..

"Well, Congratulations girl, here is a lil something for you after graduating. In Australia, they're sold as doublets or triplets, but this one is what they call a solid Opal".

My eyes nearly popped out... and it wasn't the kind of dark dark opal, this was a kanasai nice white opal. (Altho, the black ones are the more expensive ones :P; but this was accompanied wth two biji of bling bling of if not diamond, crystal :)

Aus Opal Necklace

I should graduate more often...

So I take Auntie Alice out to 1U ti spend some quality auntie niece time together since she only comes back once or twice a year. Took her to all my favourite stores and showed her what fantastic fabrics they have for offer. In the end, haih spend too much for my own good.

Naf Naf Halter

Naf Naf halter for RM40.

Dorothy Perkins Boho Skirt

Super Nice Dorothy Perkins skirt at a special of RM59 (cut from RM193)!

XOXO top

XOXO top, rather, or erm very see thru, must wear tube top inside before going out. (Sale Price RM49.90, Original Price, RM129.90)

And when I send Auntie Alice back to Grandad's place, Auntie Mindy then has another surprise for me! Deng deng deng, beaded top.

Beaded Top

Bohemian-ish! *clasps hands to cheeks* I likeeeee

Tis so nice and lucky of me to come from a big family with very nice relatives :D


Jason said...

Oh, thats the earing. You lucky gal.

Anonymous said...

COOL earrings, the first pair that is. *thumbsup* Good for ya

- Jha