A very Merry Christmas!

Hey ho, not like it was the best thing on earth to be quarantine at home without spicy food and cold drinks owing to a god-forbidding cough (damn that mango ice shaved dessert) and cold. And it wasn't fun that I could not make close contact with the people I wanted to be close to like schweet Ryan here who has not too long ago, started etching breaths of words in the air.


Ryan. Awww..... :D

This Christmas tho, Santa has brought me back two good friends from the West on Christmas break and I've manage to attend a family party watching a wheezing dog and a turnip headed pumpkin in 'Howl's Moving Castle' with one of them and gone shopping and pigging out with the other

The Magic of Giving of course didn't quite start until the 2nd day of Christmas :).

Giving to myself that is :P

Mommy got me a new MNG bag before Christmas itself! Thankiews Mommy :)


Wheee new bag! :D

And since I've earned enough, saved enough from 2 weeks of not lepaking and with some help from debt collection I had quite alot of "ka ching" to spare :D

On the day I went out with Jhameia, I bought myself my Dior PLAY! Whoo, I don't need my special edition Christmas collection sets anymore :D. Lip gloss in a silver casing encrusted with diamanites. So happy I managed to get it after booking in 5 different counters -__-



Dior Play...In Bet On Pink

I also spotted an MNG dress shopping with Jha but I was one UK size too big for the two pieces left there *grrr*

Nyeh, so I dragged Melissa and Lydia along with me to Lot10's MNG found the dress, but the cut made me look like I had swimmer's chests.

Me: "And I wanted to wear that to Susan's Wedding.... *upset*"


"If it has to be coloured, make it floral printed"

After trying several MNG outlets, I was never going to get the dress.... So I settled for losing my virginity instead.

Hhehehe, but when I went out shopping with mom and dad I saw that Times Square had a decently sized MNG boutique :D Better cut, holds well and at least flatters the landscape on top :P Wahhh and dad paid for my dress! Of course, now I'm just going to wear it for CNY.

Purple dress

Whee new dress!!! Thankiews Daddy! :)

I also got my PS2's direct chip modified :) Happy Happy Happy am I :)



Anonymous said...

Oooooh, Aprils, you found the dress!! Excellent!! Take piccies!

- Jha

Kampungkai said...

yerrr... i want PS2! i want PS2! can loan from u? 24 hours = RM2, deal?