Bangkok 2005: The shopping hoard.

The idea of a shopping trip to Bangkok was targeted at two factors

1. Cheap

2. Unusual

As I actually told some of my relatives and acquaintances that since I'm there, I might as well get some good cheap work attire that I could use for the first two years or so. My last purchase (or rather with dad's permission) was something I could definitely wear everyday but it was neither cheap and all too common.

Britney Spears' Curious EDP. Gotta love that sweet nectarine smell and the bottle... OOOOHHH happy, Lucky it was the King's Birthday, if not no discount in Bangkok International Airport duty free.

Oh yes, because it was so very special that it was the King's Birthday, everything was SO CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

I purchased alot of my favourite kind of tops, anything airy that lets the skin breathe from shoulders onwards preferably with an opening between the neck and chest. These were going starting from RM2 a piece to max RM7 a piece!

Bangkok Shopping: Beaded tops

Beaded and emboidered tops :D

Bangkok Shopping: Goth Inspired Clothes

Goth inspired tops.

Tube, halter and tank tops

Tubes and Halters from Pratunam Night Market and Chatuchak Weekend market

Bangkok Shopping: Cute skirt :D

A great floral print skirt! Should have bought somemore...RM5 oni -_-''

Bangkok Shopping: Shorts

Ditto to these great cargo and beach shorts also. Sigh *Whacks head on keyboard*

Bangkok Shopping: Sailor hat and MJ hat

Whee! I've finally got my sailor hat and almost the same hat as Britney's in the "Me Against the Music" video

Bangkok Shopping: Bags!
Imitation Guess/Gucci Bags: The Whole Set costs less than RM100 with the art of bargaining

The other bags
Ahhhh cute bags :D Can't resist them :D

Bangkok shopping: Body care hoard
12 bottles of nail polish for my nail art at rm15 and Since Thailand has my favourite pharmacy store in the world;... I got me BOOTs products inclusive of a mandarin-orange-lime body scrub and a jelly and cream strawberry body lotion!

The largest most insane purchase I made is dubbed Earring Tower 2... for obvious reasons.


This bugger was a pain to carry back, I had to stuff clothes in between to get it to fit in the trolley bag. Why did I buy it? Cause it's only at 30% of the local price...cheated in my own backyard -__-'''. Also paid an additional RM3.50 and RM8.00 to get a necklace stand as well as an stand for fastened earrings :D

And of course, new high rises must have new occupants...

Bangkok Shopping: Shoulder dusters

Chandelier Shoulder Dusters


Assorted Silver earrings


Gemed, embossed glass and shell earrings :D

Coconut bangles

Glazed and painted coconut bangles from Suan Lum night market.

Ohh yes, there is actually still MORE but unfortunately it's in the dirty laundry. Haih haih. Will continue with more bangkok stories soon :D

Shell set

A set of green shell earrings and necklace from Suan Lum and Pratunam market


Jason said...

soon u will need a gudang to store your stuff.

Jayelle said...

How do you do it?? Honestly.......

april yim said...

Jason: I just got a new 7 foot bookcase to help me with my storage...with time with time i shall get my gudang!

Jayelle: absolutely clueless...do what?

Ayou said...

that whole set of Imitation Guess/Gucci Bags is dam cheap...

good bargin

I dont think i can get this price in petaling street, rite?

Ayou said...

nice earings u have

Mr.Bangkok Hotels said...

Thank you for sharing traveling post. I heard that the most famous shopping centre is Siam where has both in-out door shopping centres but i like Jatujak weekend Market more....