"Mmm... you smell yummy"

Constantly tickled with the thought of having a person of the opposite sex tasting my flesh or inhaling my skin deeply and then murmur to me

"You taste/smell yummy"

And thus I begin a decent obsession, a side quest of life to be a person who smells absolutely delicious. I love vanilla, you'd find my makeup chest stored with various editions of vanilla gloss and perfumes from french vanilla to basic vanillin. Then there is my obsession with dewberry where I must alwasy keep a constant stock of Boots Dewberry spray :)

That's why I love all my cocktail glosses, richly berried scrubs and minty foot freshners :) If you ever get a chance to come near my fabrics, they smell delectable as well

And till now I haven't quite got enough of smelling edible...

I felt a dire need to do the same to my accessories and thus began the splurging of scents on them.
So you can imagine; Oh wait no need to imagine too hard...

Peppermint scented Glitter Candy canes

Peppermint (Merry mint) scented glittered candy canes :D

Bubble gum, orange cake and Noel Fruit cake

Bubble gum (Bubble-yummy) ice cream cones, Orange cake (Mandarin Tangerine) and Chirstmas Fruit Mince Pies (Noel Fruit Cake)

MMMmmmm... and here is the list for the scents! The king of fruits included too!

· Appetizing Apple
· Apple Mints
· Bubble-yummy
· Melts-like-butter
· Citrus Charm
· Sexy Coconut
· Chocolate-orange
· Distinctively Durian
· Pink Grapefruit
· Hold-Me-Honeydew
· Lush Lemon
· Mad For Mango
· Merry Mint
· Mandarin Tangerine
· Noel Fruit Cake
· Pineapple Punch
· Rose Rich
· Fraise Strawberry
· Strawberry Cream
· Tropical Medly
· Dreamy Vanilla
· Yummy Yam

Oh yeah, the cam whoring and sale session will be postponed to next weekend. Email me again for the details :)


Jayelle said...

my entire entourage will come looking for u on saturday!!

saRah said...

yummiest smell in the world: chocolate cooking. mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm~


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