Calling all female bloggers with modelling aspirations.


I've been wanting to do this for some time now, some of you lovely females would have already known over some constant chat rambles for the past few weeks now.

So any of you ladies free to come cam-whore my latest creations for me during lunch on the 10th of December 2005 in Petaling Jaya for moi please, please come do so :D

Drop me a line dah-lings for the details at my mail (aprilyim@gmail.com). Oh and if any of you wanted to pick up your orders, please do so also.

Will be in scourging the fashion scene overseas till Tuesday then so mail me ya :D

Ciao! Muacks.



PS. Some earrings now offer delicious bubble gum, strawberry (such as the strawberry cake and cupcake above) and chocolate orange scents


Kenny Sia said...

Are you in any need for a 23-year-old, hairy from head to toe, slightly overweight man?

suanie said...

aiks i can't come to camwhore, i'd be back in hometown for a wedding dinner :(

Jayelle said...

whee!! i'd like to too!:)

Hopefully I'll be back for the weekend. What time?

hot pictures said...

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minishorts said...

wah these spam making machines are getting be'er n be'er eh?

neeways girl, might not make it as i have to ikut the bf to seremban to tengok kereta (we both know, the sooner he gets his own car, the better)

april yim said...

SAWADEEKHAP from thailand everybody!

Hi everyone, I think I should postpone it to ext weekend due to unforseen circumstances, sorry for the sudden change in events.

Kenny: Hey kenny if you could make it it'll be a delight for you if you can come.

suanie: postponed adi so now you can try to make it :D

jayelle: no rush dearie, next week XD

minishorts: ok ok ask eric to get his car first then can meet you both in a flashy new wheels :D