My Edible Looking USB drive

"What the heck are you doing? "

"What does it look like mommy? Making food lahhh...

Minishorts passed me this link today and suggested I go try making my own edible USB drive.


After doing some brainstorming I realised...Wah how to collect all lah? One going for *converts US$....faints* too much for the pocket to take....Aihssss.

And so April comes up with a plan. What if people can use the same USB drive without the fuss of changing the clothes of their drives? Less than an hours work and then there is.....

Drum roll please...

Thumb Drive rings! Wheee!




in my favourite sushi....EBI SUSHI!

...Oopsie..sorry I can hear heads banging on keyboards and chairs toppling over in the distance... Lol, these babies are better than having to change your drives just for the sake of collecting at a percentage to the decimal to a fraction of the price!
And of course, you want these cool looking doo dads to be noticable...imagine having to stick your great looking USB the other way topsy turvy.... With the ring, you can switch the sides with ease :P
Now I don't have to pay so much to collect them all ;)


Jason said...


Why don't you just use your clay and wrap around the USB and bake it?

april yim said...

Hmmm...I could melt the plastic and damage the circuit inside rite....bake at 131 degrees celcius...Dun play play. At least if my USB sot sot dei, i can still open it to tweak. :P

After all i want it to be seen :P

Melissa Lee said...

cute cute

Kimberlycun said...

cool! how about making a hole tat fits the usb before baking, and after it's done just insert the usb and keep it there with plain old super glue? just a suggestion

8dee said...

looks nice...but it will not be compact anymore

8dee said...

looks nice...but it will not be compact anymore

Anonymous said...

It sure is CUTE!!!! *rolling over with laughter* yeah it wont be compact anymore though, but then ou can yank it on and off qutie easily april?


True Secrets said...

what if it's a really edible food attached on the thumb drive? my colleague will get a shock when i start sucking on the lolipop thumb drive. LOL!