Girl Friends Malacca Road Trip

(Really backdated post)

We've always wanted to do the road trip thing when we all had the ability to drive, the necessary cash and of course the time for it :P

Lucky for us, Jason was around to take us and a it was a good thing a week before that Alex threatened to take care of any of his contacts who have forgotten him when he switched to his new mobile contact. So I got to meet both of them. YAY!

4 chatty girls with nothing better to do on a Saturday but to go Malacca to do nothing but eat and await Jonker Walking

4 of us

One for the Album :) Mei Ai, Lydia, Me and Mel

An so after an early spicy Pan Mee brunch we arrived at Malacca in less than two hours later and we feasted again...

Chix Rice Balls


Chix Rice Balls 2

Chicken Rice Balls!

Durian Cendol

Oh durian Cendol... How I've dreamt of you.

With nothing better to do for two to three hours or so, Jason took us to Riveria beach resort. Sounds expensive but it's technically a public beach ^^. Over there we tested our IQ in the sand, made miniature traffic pile ups from an Armageddon collision with driftwood resembling a meteorite, tried out skipping stones on the water surface and tried very hard to locate some crabs.


Come out so I can cook you for dinner!

Just to cut things short, we then went to Tan Kim Hock to savour the local confectionery, processed and fermented foods before moving on to Dinner and then... Jonker Street. We must have walked along the road 4-5 times at least

THANKS TO LYDIA... me and Melissa were getting the fancies for a nice pair of clogs. Walking the whole road we found a wonderful lady who made sexy, dainty and eye-candy clogs that she gave us each.... a RM1 discount for the pairs we bought -_-''' (She was furiously calculating and tabbing numbers on a piece of paper... and that also it took a good 10-15 minutes of persuasion) But I likeeeee... So Sweet...see for yourself.


A very good buy ^^

Happy, were we all that day. Despite the fact that we all came back bloody bushed and throughout the whole trip there were constant calls from the parent patrol -_- (sked the girls get rammed by a car and hijacked/robbed etc...)

I'm just so happy with my clogs that I also want to thank Minishorts for a suggestion on making clogs. Thankiew darling :) I did.. of my favourite pair just today :D (Since other people making miniatures tend to use the penny or pence, I wanna show my proud support for the Malaysian sen! MALAYSIA BOLEH! *KOFF*)

My mini clog

My Lil' Mini clog... Now I have matching earrings to go with my footwear!

mini clog and clog

On a scale of 1:80 :P