New Spring Line ^^

I'm so excited just to release them for sale ^^

*Cuts Big Yellow Ribbon*

Let me say a few words first...

*ahem* Thank you to my loyal customers and friends who have been giving me support and inspiration to continue with a passion of mine. I applaud you all for your time, and effort and I hope that you are happy with your product ^^

This spring, I have drawn inspiration and the natural crafts of mother nature to incorporate into my designs and brought the glitz of Swarovski™ crystals for that more sophisticated yet down to earth look.

I named this special edition spring-line as Noelani, Hawaiian for "beautiful girl from heaven" in conjuction with it's coral kissed colours and the glimmer from the Swarovski crystals as they catch the watch of heaven's eye.

With that ladies and gentlemen, I am more than proud to present to you..


Lantern Corals in Aquamarine and Laguna Blue Swarovski™ crystals


Lantern Corals in Green and Caleurpa Green Swarovski™ crystals


Lantern Corals in Pink and angel fish purple Swarovski™ crystals




Shell designs in Seaweed, Lagoon Blue, Coral and Sand.

Yes they're all available for order now ^^ . Please view my catalogue for more designs, or....For more details send me a mail :D


minishorts said...

woman. suggestions:

chinese clogs.
chinese crackers.
chinese fans.
chinese baskets (the type you always see during cny).
chinese vases.

collin_nunis said...

Enterprising woman you are... Good luck!


eyeris said...

april! can you email me at eyeriz@gmail.com? wanna do story... :D :D