A place for great Pan Mee

Muchos gracias to Laine for introducing this place to a number of us. It was right in the backyard of Uni and I've never taken heed to it :P


What makes their serving of Pan Mee so special is that their noodles are CHEWY and smooth. Very, important for this particular noodle. As you slip and slide a spoonfull of pan mee into your mouth you can still feel it's chewy-ness which has captured the most of the soup's flavour in the back molars and the glaze of smoothness.

SS13 pan Mee

Delicious "Clear Soup" Pan Mee

And it's super cheap too (at RM3.00) for it's large portion. Don't be fooled by it's outer shell, it's packed with so much noodles I know most girls can't finish it off.

Kedai Kopi dan makanan Kum Chuan
Jalan SS13/1F

It's just opposite the 3K fitness center with the 24hr A&W ^-^