Virginity's worth

A phone call from thousands of miles away. I was driving and my passenger told her to call me back in another 10 minutes.

"Who's that? Oh. How did she sound??"

This one just had some rough issues to deal with very recent of that point so I quickly turned on my PC hoping to catch her online. It's so good to see her online. I'm really concerned about how she's taking things after settling with a rough patch.

She asked me.

"What is the worth of a woman's virginity?"
It is worth as much as she places the value of it. It is up to her to decide how much it is worth.

"What is the worth of a woman's virginity to a man?"
Some place a woman's virginity as some thing to be respected, given in her own time. Some treat it as a bloody chattel It's not worth anything if he's already bloody done it alot of times, he usually doesn't give two hoots about how much a girl's virginity is worth.

"What's virginity to a man?"
Same as the last question luv, he can be an absolute saint with ideals for keeping it for someone, he can be overcome by lust; and some just don't care about giving it away.

"You've had relationships before...What's holding you back?"
An idealistic notion that if i do it before my wedding night...all the magic of "first night" would be lost....... Nahhhh kidding. The word "first night" is just a label like valentine's day,..anyday can be valentines day.

The people that were with me,...just weren't right. Despite the fact of being a showoff and somewhat "action" with my virginity is that it's worth so much to me that I want to give it to someone really special. Someone who means so much to me and someone who really loves me.

"How would you know?"
Hon. You wouldn't really know until it really hit you in the head. No man who loved you would put a sulky face on just because you don't want to do it with him..

It's become such a norm to know that each one of my mates are graduating out of virginity one by one. I don't want to appear that I'm really keeping virginity for the sake of the thing called 'asian values' but I just don't want to take that gamble.
I have such a weight of insecurities that I FEAR when I do it, I will have continuous nightmares questioning my mensus due dates and a bloating tummy. I'm so afraid that after my man has his fill he leaves my gas tank dirty.

People call me an angelic exhibitionist but here's the irony though... after each one does that I have no idea, but most of them seem so pleased about it and they even brag about it.

In public.

Both men and women and errr... girls and boys.

I don't want to start raving out in public how his b***s slap against my %&$&^ or how i tease him that I won't do him if he doesn't pick me up on time again. Call me neurotic for that, but if more than 20 ppl rave to you IN PUBLIC LOUDLY about how great sex is, RIGHT AFTER DOING IT... you start to wonder if everyone has done it is such a braggard about it :P

Don't get me wrong, these people are still great and nice people.

I hope that when I do finish off my big V, I would have given it to someone who was worth all the while and with all collective hope, i won't be brainwashed by having a dick in me to start bragging. Till a great man comes along, I'm keeping whats worth keeping to me.


minishorts said...

i've come to a point in life, april, to label a virgin who is truly pure, as in, she's never stripped for a man before, and she's never been physically intimate with a man before.

if she's gone very far, done every single thing, except penetration, and still calls herself a virgin... oh sod it lah.

such pure-labels should be reserved for the better deserving.

KY said...

redefining words doesn't change anything.

Dr. Tan said...

Woah.. Some great arguments here.
I do have a friend who went around saying "Oh he f***ed me", while the bf went into more details about what they did. Think Listerine Pocketpaks and its cooling effect.
Word Verification : nkuidrq

Petrina said...

interesting take...virginity is something very much in the mind, and also culturally defined among other things.
it's a loaded term, and plenty of implications for both sexes.

ever wonder how come if a man sleeps around, he's a stud but if a woman does it, she's a bitch/slut? i've always wondered...

Anonymous said...

Wait for the right one. May not be the one you stay with forever, but you'll know it was for the right reasons.

Virginity is a kind of state and a kind of label, but it's still important for some people.

Sex is great, fabulous, wonderful - but love is better!